Yueton starts working

April 08, 2020

2020 has already begun, all the employees of  Yueton have begun to work, and can always provide the best service to our customers.

Our installation team has started the installation work at the customer park site in Indonesia. The workers have worked hard. Our engineers with 10 years of overseas installation experience are serious and responsible, and new progress is shared with us every day. In addition, our factory has begun to arrange orders, and sales staff are also working.

Our first batch of 2020 stock products are ready for our customers and can be shipped at any time. I believe that these stock equipment can bring you good benefits, such as flying chairs, pirate ships, rodeo bull, bungee jumping, trackless fire, etc ,Feel free to contact us any time.

As we all know, China is currently facing the threat of new light-loaded viruses, but here we can calmly tell every customer, do n’t worry, we believe in our government, the Chinese government has taken strong measures in the shortest time And now everything is under control. Yueton and all employees are safe. Our company also actively cooperates with the government to do an effective and orderly prevention and control work. So in this case, we can still provide you with the best service.We are always in here!

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If you have any suggestions or opinions about our products, please leave a message, and we will immediately answer your questions. Thanks for your support.