High Quality Battery Bumper Cars - Promotional Products of the Month!

June 16, 2022
As a professional amusement equipment manufacturer, bumper cars are definitely a popular product. Now our bumper cars are not only available for immediate delivery, but our Yueton Amusement Equipment is rewarding new and repurchasing customers with favorable prices.
We have bumper cars for kids and bumper cars for adults. Bumper cars can adjust speed and usage time.
Our bumper car shells are made of two different materials, some are made of fiberglass and some are made of gel coat resin. Both materials are fire-resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant.
In addition to FRP and gel coat, the components of the bumper car also require a steel frame, and the steel frame we use is thickened. Under the same style and specifications, our bumper cars are 50KG heavier than other manufacturers' bumper cars, giving the bumper cars a stronger driving experience. Our bumper cars are equipped with high quality dry batteries with MSDS certificate and shipping identification certificate.
Our bumper cars are not only sold to customers, but also used in our own amusement parks.
If you are interested in our bumper cars or inflatable bumper cars, please feel free to contact us via email: [email protected],Whatsapp/Wechat:008618624908066.

If you have any suggestions or opinions about our products, please leave a message, and we will immediately answer your questions. Thanks for your support.