Rainbow slide- the good amusement games after Covid 19

July 27, 2022
With the time pass away, the COVID-19 getting less impact on people’s daily life, more and more players with their families have back to amusement park, amusement center to enjoy the amusement attractions and happiness. Amusement park equipment business also start to recover. And many investors start to consider add new and good games to there amusement park to attractive more players to play.
So today we are going to introduce you a new popular amusement park rides equipment, the rainbow slide.  The rainbow slide is actually very popular in China amusement park in the recently years, but out of China market, the rainbow slide still have a lot of market. There are many advantages on this new amusement games. 
First of all, The rainbow slide is with a very beautiful name. Especial when you look from a far view, it is like a real rainbow at land. 
Second, the rainbow slide is with a very big flexibility at construction. You can build the rainbow slide at any natural slop, and you can build the rainbow slide at any length you want. If a slop is not available, it is also no problem, we can build a steel structure frame to support the slide. 
Third, the rainbow slide include a large quantity customer ground, both kids and adult can play it. Parents and their kids can come play, lovers can come to play, friends can also come to play. If add one rainbow slide at your amusement park, or amusement center, it will surely boost your business to another steps.
Fourth, the rainbow slide is with a relatively highly safety standard amusement park equipment outdoor, the special material and production process make the rainbow slide a safe and durable games. Even under the pressure tons of cars, the rainbow slide is still keep the same shape. 
So Rainbow slide is the good option amusement games indoor and outdoor to buy after Covid-19. We Zhengzhou Yueton Amusement now have the rainbow slide on the promotion sale, you are welcomed to contact us at whatsapp/wechat 008615639085024 or email [email protected] to enquiry.

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