Flying chair

August 05, 2022
As the most popular medium-sized ride in amusement parks, the Flying chair is very popular with visitors. It is suitable for visitors of all ages. The bobble head flying chair produced by Zhengzhou Yueton Amusement Equipment Co., Ltd. has been sold to many countries around the world.
It has a colourful appearance and is made of FRP with thousands of RGB coloured lights, which is absolutely attractive. The main structure is made of high strength steel and safety is fully guaranteed. At the same time it can play beautiful music when it is running and stopped, and the music can be set by you. High-quality electronic components also ensure its stable operation. Each seat is equipped with a safety harness to ensure the safety of the passengers while running.
It will become the king of traffic in your playground. If you are interested in it, please contact me via WhatsApp/WeChat. 008618538212625.

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