Ice Bumper Car

August 30, 2022

The ice bumper car is Zhengzhou Yueton Amusements hot sale product. We have two models including kids model and adults model.


The dimension of kids model is 135*135*100cm. The dimension of adults model is 180*180*110cm. The material is FRP and hardware and anti-collision ring. It has two pieces of 33AH batteries. The speed is 0-20km/h and it could also be adjusted. The time could be adjusted from 0-999 minutes. The weight is 150kg. The power is 500W. It includes various kinds of functions like one-button start, music, time setting, forward, backward etc. Generally it is fit for three or above three years old kids and it is very popular in the shopping mall, park, pizza and the play ground.


There are more advantages compared with traditional bumper car. The traditional bumper car needs to build a site and lay a sky net or a ground net. The ice bumper car can run freely on the smooth ice surface. Just putting a certain amount of water in the site today, and tomorrow an ice bumper car site will be formed naturally. There is no need to use the construction team, and there is no need to install and disassemble. Everything is so convenient. In addition, the ice bumper car is driven by a battery, which is separated from the fixed power supply during use, so that the user can avoid contact with the fixed power supply, which greatly improves the safety factor of the equipment, avoids the occurrence of electric shock accidents, and eliminates potential safety hazards for consumers.


We have exported ice bumper car to many countries like the country from Southeast Asia, Europe, North America etc. If you are interested in it, please order it freely.


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