Bumper Car feedback from Libya

September 07, 2022
The bumper car feedback from Libya customer, customer bought 7sets bumper cars, 100sqm floor and 1set control box. used in their indoor amusement park. business is very good!
The Bumper car size is 1.95*1.15*0.96m, Loading Weight is 150kgs, can be hold two persons.
One 20ft container can be hold 10 sets bumper cars, 220sqm floor and 1 set control box.
For the Bumper cars, we can provide the ground-net bumper cars, sky-net bumper cars and battery bumper cars.
The battery bumper car can be used as long as it is the ground of the flat.
The ground network needs to have a special ground network, and the Sky-net needs professional sheds, ceiling and floors, which are more complicated.
All three bumper cars need a flat floor,
Sky net bumper car have higher requirements and higher professionalism.
The bumper cars now have many in stock, can be conatct us to shipment at any time.

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