The Top Spin rides feedback from Iraq customer

February 02, 2023
We made a deal with Iraq customer in November,2021. The customer also bought the Flying wheel, Rock rides, Brave turntable rides, etc.. this is so big park project.  They have recently opened the park and are already open for business. and we recently received the customer feedback .  It's very nice and beautiful park and popular with local people. 
Top Spin Rides is a kind of giant huge amusement equipment and it is designed according to the running of swing. The scary rides equipment with two arms that can rotate in 360 degree. Players will fee like embrace the beautiful moon in the sky when the arms move to the highest point.  This rides is full of thrilling that absolutely make you fell the earth trembled and the mountain swayed even the air rolling in your body. very exciting.
this rides capacity is 20 seats and for the Material is FRP & Steel structure, Cover Area around need 10*9, if you also like and need to build an amusement park, we can provide one-stop service, kindly contact us at any time. 008617329342265.
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