Elephant Track TrainElephant Track Train
Elephant Track TrainElephant Track Train

Elephant Track Train

Product parameters
Product Name: Elephant Track Train
Model Number: YTW-TT013
Locomotive size: 2.3mLx1.15mWx2.7mH. 
Cabin size: 2.1mLx1.2mWx2.7mH.
Capacity: 14P
Material: FRP& Steel structure
Total length: 10.7m


Product introduction

Elephant trackless train is the amusement equipment that consists of a elephant locomotive and three passenger carriages, every carriage can hold 4 kids and the locomotive can hold 2 kids. Now,this elephant train is used in many places such as aesthetic area, walking street, community park, zoo, amusement park, theme park and so on.


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