Transparent Hand Rowing Boat
Transparent Hand Rowing Boat

Transparent Hand Rowing Boat

Product parameters
Product Name: Three person water bike
Model Number: YTW-WPG009
Size: 336*91*67CM
Weight: 27KG
Material: LLDPE, import from Korea. (Can use 30 years)


Zhengzhou Yuetong Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd.

Product introduction

The transparent boat is a revolutionary and innovative water recreation boat developed and produced by Unique. It retains the style of classic kayaking and breaks the traditional boating concept. The H transparent hull adopts German imported (PC endurance board) and is integrated with core technology to make the hull 360-degree transparent, seamless, light and durable. The hull material is a polymer explosion-proof material, which has superior impact resistance and weather resistance, which not only ensures the safety of play but also prolongs the life of the hull.


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