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May 20, 2020

Amusement Park or Amusement center might be the best and most profitable business nowadays. A small invest can have a big earn and in the same time to bring so many happiness to kids and adults. And the kids have no ability to reject the amusement and play.

But for a new investors on the amusement park, how to choose the proper rides? And how to do the making the planning on the input and income? We Yueton Amusement Can help! And see our the following, one of our planning for customer.


The max capacity of the park is 50players. And lets see the income prediction.

The park operate 180minuts every day. There are 35 players every 10 minutes. Then

The tickets income: 18*35=630USD/Day

Drink and Pop Corn income: 0.5usd*150 buyer=75USD.

So every day income is 700USD. And one month is 21000USD.


The above planing is what we made for our Africa customer, of course if you need to have a higher standard equipment or add more amusement rides, we can do for you. You can send us email at [email protected]


And every month we have some equipment under promotion. To buy the promotions rides will also be a big budget!


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