Installation of large equipment in Libya Park

June 25, 2022

Recently, our 20m flying tower ride and Kamikaze Ride are being installed in large parks in Libya. Not long ago, we designed the equipment foundation drawings for the customer according to the customer's site, and the customer has built a solid foundation according to the drawing.


As you can see in the feedback picture , the flying tower ride has been basically installed now, as one of the most popular large-scale thrill rides, it has a very attractive appearance and brings tourists an exciting and interesting ride experience. We have exported it to many countries so far.


During the installation of our large-scale equipment, we will provide professional guidance from the construction of the foundation, to how to install and use the product, to the later equipment maintenance. Our experienced engineers also went to the equipment installation site to guide the on-site construction to ensure the smooth installation and operation of the equipment.


Our Yueton Amusement has a professional service team and rich experience in large-scale park projects. Choose us, the first-class supplier with professional one-stop service to help you build the best amusement park! Looking forward to the completion of the installation of our flying tower equipment and Kamikaze Ride as soon as possible, and we will provide more customer feedback.


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