Ground-grid bumper car - Choice of many customers

July 12, 2022
Bumper cars are the very hot and classic game project at any amusement places , whether adults or kids , all will be attracted by bumper cars . Ground-grid bumper car is a kind of bumper cars , which is the choice of many customers . Next , throught some my introduction , you must also be interested in the Ground-grid bumper car . 
The biggest advantage of Ground-grid bumper car is that it can be used at any time , doesn't need to consider the charging . Bumper cars can run 24 hours one day as long as the power is on , by operating the control cabinet . Ground-grid bumper car need to use with the matched control cabinet and floors , a control cabinet can control 20 bumper cars , a bumper car need about 15-20 sqm floors , you can decide how many floor you need according to your actual size . 
The least investment will bring you the best return , choose Ground-grid bumper car from our company , you will receive the very good products quality and best service . Win-win cooperation . 

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