Inflatable series products, Small investment and big return!

July 15, 2022

Zhengzhou Yueton amusement equipment co.,Ltd Inflatable series product,include Inflatable bouncers, Inflatable Slides,Inflatable Water Sliders,Inflatable Sport Games,Inflatable Water Games,Inflatable Tents,Inflatable Climbing Wall.

Our inflatable product made of high-strength,paste-seales Plato PVC mesh material,advanced thermal alloying and pasting process,non-flammable,high-strength,weather -resistant and water proof,mildewproof,wear resistant,durable,cold resistant,aging resistant etc.function,this is the real PVC coating cloth!

We can be customized according to the shape and requirements you provide, can be customized in color and printed with your logo. Our printing uses high-resolution digital 3D printing technology, and the colors and logos on the product are very realistic and beautiful. Sewing with nylon rope, all parts are sewn with double needles, there will be 4-6 stitches in key parts, hand-sewn, and the seams are sewn with elastic to make the appearance more beautiful and increase the firmness.

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