24P Trackless Train

August 28, 2023

Trackless Train is the most popular amusement ride in shopping mall and amusement park. They are suitable for kids and adults to visit the park and shopping mall. We have different models and capacities for option:15P clown theme, 12P UK theme, 24P antique theme and so on. 24P antique trackless train is the one with the best sales and the best feedback.

24P antique trackless train has one locomotive and 4 cabins in total 24seats. Leather comfortable seats allow passengers to have a better riding experience. The connection between the carriages is equipped with a connecting net to better ensure the safety of passengers and passers-by. The train wheels are tubeless tires, and the front wheels are agricultural tires, which are very durable. The car body is equipped with LED lights and neon lights, and the lighting effects can be customized. There are 7 different colors in total, which are very attractive. Odorless smoke is equipped to make the train look like a real steam train. The charging time is 8-10 hours, and the battery life can reach 80-100 kilometers. When shipping, we will make steel frame to protect the train from damage. It need a 20ft container to load.

Our products have been exported to many countries. We have the professional after-sale team and we will guarantee that our products has high quality and providing good after-sale service. 


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