27 seats trackless train

August 31, 2023
The 27 seats trackless train is our hot-sale train. Generally it is mainly used in scenic spots, parks, vacation areas, and other places. We have two models including battery type and diesel type to choose.
For the 27 seats train, it has one locomotive and three carriages. Each carriage can accommodate 9 passengers. The locomotive size is 3.45 x 1.67 x 2.12mH, carriage size is 2.56ml * 1.58mW * 2.23mH, total length: 13m. Its maximum speed is 52km/h. We can also customize the train color based on the customer’s requirements. 
For the battery type, it will take about 8-10 hours to be fully charged and it can run about 80-120km after one full charge. The train has professional electrical system. There are lots of accessories on the train, such as music player, bluetooth, camera, fans etc. For the diesel type, it can be equipped with domestic engine or Cummins brand engine. The train equips the independent suspension, electronic power-assisted circulating steering gear, front disc and rear drum brake and traction bar with self-balancing function.
We have our own production patent for the train and we also have CE certificate, which allows the train to be exported to European countries. Our train has high quality and it has been exported to many countries. We could provide good after-sale service for the customer. If you are interested in the train, please contact us freely.

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