Battery Bumper CarBattery Bumper Car
Battery Bumper CarBattery Bumper Car

Battery Bumper Car

Product parameters
Product Name: Yueton Bumper Car
Model Number:  YTW-BC003
Type: sky-net/ground-grid bumper car/battery bumper car type available.
Material: FRP+Steel
Size: 1.95*1.15*0.96m
LED lights: approved


Product introduction

Bumper car ride also called dodgem car ride, bumping car ride and dashing car ride. It s the best rides for children and adult as there is no age limitation required if one wants to ride the bumper car. Also, bumper car ride is the first option for adults when they want to escape the busy work and enjoy the happy lifetime with their children. At Zhengzhou Yueton, we battery bumper car, ceiling bumper car and ground grid bumper car.

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