Mexico Chiwawa government Amusement Park Project

May 21, 2020

Mexico Amusement Park in Chiwawa

Chiwawa Amusement Park in Mexico is the an amusement park project belongs to Government. Chiwawa Welfare Institute build this amusement park to the  orphans there.

The whole park separate into two stage.

The first stage start from the March of the year 2019, Which have include the amusement equipment including Coffee Cup Amusement Rides, Kangaroo Jumping Amusement Rides, Samba Balloon Amusement Rides, Pirate ship amusement rides, disco tagada amusement rides, Ceiling Bumper cars, Luxury shaking head flying chair ride.

All the rides at the first stage have been finished installation and testing under the installation instruction in the local within one month.

The second stage was started from the Dec. Of year 2019. The equipment was an 42mts ferris wheel with luxury LED lights show.

Zhengzhou Yueton Amusement Equipment Co.,Ltd

Equipment included: pirate ship 24Px1; ceiling bumper cars*12pcs; disco tagada 24p*1; Octopus amusement rides*1; kangaroo jumping rides 12p*1, Samba Ballon ride 32P*1  Coffee Cup 24P*1 Luxury flying chair ride*1. 42mts ferris wheel.


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