Indonesia Amusement Park Project in Surabaya

May 21, 2020

Amusement Park in Surabaya Indonesia.

This is our first amusement park project in Surabaya, customer is a kind and gentle old man, whose original business is on the aquaculture. This is also the first amusement park in Surabaya, Indonesia.

The project was started at the earlier of the year 2018, the whole amusement park project in the first stage have include pirate ship 24P, Crazy octopus amusement rides, kids frog jump rides, bumper cars, water tricycle.

The park have been build very beautiful. And so many players comes from near and far come to play. And have been becoming the land mark in the local.

This is the first amusement park project finished by our Malaysia Branch and Indonesia local installation team, and this park is the only park in Surabaya and bring so many happiness to the surrounding peoples.

Cover Area: 600sqmts

With Equipment: Pirate ship 24seats x1, sliding dragon roller coaster x1; Frog Jumping Amusement Rides x1, Bumper Cars x6; Water Tricyclex2


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