Philippine Arena Amusement Park Project

May 21, 2020

Philippine Arena Amusement Park


Philippine Arena is one of the world’s largest indoor arenas, capable of seating 50,000 fans in a fully enclosed building. Since opening, the arena has hosted a range of sporting, music and church events.

Philippine Arena Amusement Park is build the outside in the square of the Philippine Arena. The project was start at September of year 2017, and finished at the Dec.30th of year 2017.

The whole project have take rides including thrilling rides flying disco amusement rides, energy storm amusement rides, kamikaze amusement rides, Family rides such as wacky worm roller coaster, kids didi cars, Amusement Train Rides, with the most modern design, also an classic elephant trackless train included. Carousel and inflatable rides total 20 rides included.

In the first day of the park opening, the park have received above 20000 peoples coming and playing to celebrate their new year!


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